Could Be Worse

Y’know, when I decided to go to school here at Point Park, I thought being in the city was going to be perfect for me. So far, I guess it’s okay. I have fun with my friends and we have freedom we didn’t before. But the city is creepy and way too industrial for me to be here every day. There isn’t a single place ever that you can be alone. It brings me down sometimes, since like I previously mentioned in my first post, I miss the nature of home.

Now I have lived here all my life, but it was not until my orientation for school that I had ever been to the point. And it was under construction for years too. But now, I see why it’s such an incredible spot in the city, because it’s so far the most beautiful, peaceful part that I’ve come across. When I was taking my friend Chris’ senior pictures, we decided to go there at dusk. I have to say, It was one of the most beautiful sunsets I’d ever seen that day. I figured I’d show some pictures I took from that day. Wish I could have captured it in all its glory, but my Nikon can only do so much.






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