Winter Dreams

The first day of fall was yesterday, and it’s incredible how, for once, the weather really reflected that. It was a nippy 60 degrees with a chilly breeze, and I didn’t mind one bit. My roommate Ayla, our friend Hannah and I all decided to go to South Side for a nice shopping adventure, and we took the bus there. However, the bus we had to take stopped without crossing the bridge over the river to get to South Side itself, and of course, where there is water, there is wind. We kind of underestimated just how chilly it would be. Anyhow, when we decided to go to Goodwill first, I stocked up on warm sweaters and clothes. In fact, I got two new ugly Christmas sweaters, my absolute favorite things in the world. It’s making me really excited for this cold weather, even though it won’t be the same as when I’m home. It’s rough being in the city when I’ve been around trees my entire life. I mean I’m only 20 minutes outside the city, but it’s like a different world. Basically my whole town is a park, and if you’ve ever wanted to see a beautiful autumn scene, with the changing leaves and partly sunny skies, my hometown is where you go. I am going to miss it so much here. Here, the weather is gloomy and windy and depressing. It’s not even pretty here. Ayla keeps saying she “misses fresh air” and I absolutely know what she means. When you go outside, you don’t get fresh air like you would in our hometowns.

There is this tree in the park that my first boyfriend showed me, and since then, it’s been where I take people that I know can appreciate natural beauty. It’s absolutely perfect for climbing, and there’s a picnic bench underneath and it’s back in the woods away from the road. Around 2 or 3 in the afternoon, when the leaves are all yellow and orange, the sun shines just right, and everything around you is golden. It’s picture perfect, to say the least. It’s my favorite spot in my town. I love climbing the tree and just sitting up there for hours. Even when it snows, I go there and will still climb the tree. That’s another thing my town is good for. When we actually get snow, it’s wonderful. The main thing in our town is the golf course and you see it wherever you go really, so when you see all the untouched snow laying on the hills, you can’t help but feel like you’re in some kind of winter wonderland.

Three or four years ago, we got two feet of snow. We all called it “snowpocalypse” because we had like one or two weeks off from school, all of our power went out, and it was just like nothing we’ve ever experienced before. But it was the greatest time of my life. There was always one thing I did during winter, and as simple as it sounds, it was what made the season for me. One of my windows at my dad’s house looks out towards my neighborhood, and one of my favorite things about winter was how the sky was never dark. It could be the dead of night, and the sky looks gray or orange or some random color and it was beautiful to look at over the snow-covered rooftops of the houses in my neighborhood. Some of my neighbors had huge pine trees in their yards, which were also covered with snow. And so I would sit in my room, in front of the open window, with all of the lights off, wrapped in my robe or blanket. And I would just sit there and stare out my window and feel the cold breeze hit my face and listen to it whistle through the trees. Most nights that I did this, I would get inspired to write, and I think it’s kind of what started my interest in writing poetry. I did a lot of thinking those nights; I would reflect on my life and just the world and how nobody takes the time to admire what nature has to offer, especially in the prettiest seasons like fall and winter. I hope I can enjoy both of these seasons when I go home because I’m sitting here really missing all of it.

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