Lollipop Moments

If you have about 7 minutes of spare time, I demand you watch this video. A friend of mine posted this on his twitter and I opened it, but took maybe two hours before I actually watched it, and I’m glad I made time for it. This video touches basically on how, if somebody changes your life, even by the most insignificant, indirect action, you need to tell them. The speaker tells a personal story about how this happened to him and he didn’t even recall the action he did to change this woman’s life forever. It’s inspiring, and he tells his audience that if something like that happens to them, to tell the person. So, after watching it, I decided to tell the person who most recently changed my life. It’s 3 in the morning when I send him a text saying “Congratulations, you had a lollipop moment.” I then went on to explain how, completely indirectly and only after two weeks had he changed my way of living and thinking almost completely. I became more introspective and thoughtful of my surroundings and appreciative of everything I experience every day. Needless to say, he was rather surprised, but very happy that I was telling him this. So it’s true. Everybody likes to hear that they made a difference, and sometimes it’s that person’s main goal in life. I know it’s mine. All I aim for is to make a difference to either a general population, or to just one person. I constantly think of ways I can make a stranger’s day brighter. While walking through downtown with Sam today, we passed two women in their army uniforms eating lunch outside a restaurant. It took less than a second as we were walking by that I just leaned over to get their attention and said “Thank you, Ladies.” Now I don’t know if they even appreciated it, but I tried. I know a lot of service men and women really do appreciate that. My stepdad is an ex-marine, along with my uncle, and my pap. They all appreciate hearing it, they do. That’s one thing I make a point to do each and every time I see somebody in uniform. So if that’s one difference I can make in a person’s life, even if it’s only significant for that time being, so be it. Basically, all I’m saying is to strive to stand out in the best way possible. Life becomes so much more enjoyable.



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