Welcome Home

Today is the first time I’ve been home to my dad’s house in about 2 weeks, and I forgot how much I really did miss it here. I feel so nostalgic and emotional. I came home and my house has Halloween decorations up, and it’s such a nice change from the dull halls of all of my college buildings. We have lights up, and fake pumpkins everywhere, and I forgot how much I missed driving down Corrigan Drive, the longest street that drives relatively straight through the park. I can’t wait to come back when the leaves start changing. I wish I could be here during the holiday season to watch the kids go trick or treating, and to enjoy the cool air at night. I’m realizing how much all of my posts revolve around nature and my surroundings, and I apologize if it seems repetitive, but I don’t know if you guys can understand how much I miss it here. I never realized how much I would until I went to the city. I was even telling my stepmom today that the city life isn’t all I thought it would be.

I felt like I really didn’t have much to say to my parents. I mean, I know there is so much going on in school and whatnot every day, but I feel like I just can’t communicate it. I feel bad. I don’t want them to think I’m not interested in sharing. I really am. College is a wonderful experience, and I do love everything I get to be a part of while there, but it’s just like any other thing in my life; I can’t explain it. I’ve never been the best with words, but I try.

Back to being home, while being around the decorations and whatnot, it makes me really excited for the holidays to come up. Thanksgiving, Christmas, all the things involved. It puts me in such a good place. I mean, it will when I’m home. I want to decorate my hall for all of these events, but getting decorations costs money, money I don’t have. I’ll have to talk to my CF (equivalent to RA).





Anywho, to fill you guys in on the new fun things going on in the burgh, in case you guys have never heard of the Giant Rubber Ducky, we are now providing its current home. Basically, there is a foreign artist who, for whatever reason, is exhibiting a 40 foot tall rubber ducky that goes all over the world. It’s pretty much the most adorable thing. But this is it’s US debut. It’s never been in the country before, and it’s pretty nifty that it decided to visit Pittsburgh. I’ll post pictures about it in a later post, as I really didn’t even get to spot it today. See, there was a party on the Roberto Clemente bridge today to welcome the Ducky. I know that sounds silly, but across the entire bridge, there were little tents with vendors and what not, and a stage in the middle where Mikey and Big Bob from 96.1 Kiss FM were hosting. They’re pretty goofy dudes. There were probably thousands of people around the river just to see this Duck, and I think it might be the most light-hearted event I’ve ever seen. I mean think about it, all of these people, gathering around one of our rivers, to see a 40 foot tall Rubber Ducky. It was so cute to be able to appreciate how juvenile the concept was. We are all little kids at heart. What simpler thing to get excited for than a giant rubber ducky? I plan on going back to see it on Sunday, as it will be here til the end of the month. I will snap a few pictures and post them later in the week.

A couple days ago, I went out to grab a few applications for part time jobs downtown. While walking around Market Square, I noticed a small event going on, which isn’t unusual for Market Square. What was so neat about it was, when I walked into the middle of the square, there was a belly dancer performing. I watched a little then walked around and studied some of the vendor tents. A couple of women proceeded to tell me that it was a small global appreciation fair, more or less. I don’t quite remember exactly what she referred to it as. After collecting more applications throughout the cultural district, I had to walk back through Market Square to get back to campus, and when I walked back through, there was a group of African musicians, y’know, the circle of drummers, and the women and children using the shakers in the middle. They were all having so much fun, it was adorable. It was nice to see what different cultures are actually about.

ImageThe belly dancer.

ImageThe African Musicians.

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