Love and Parachutes

The age-old topic is one of chagrin and fantasy. While some dread it, knowing heartbreak and let-downs, others crave it, living vicariously through it. But truthfully, I want to know what it’s really about. I’ve seen so much heartbreak, so much failure with love; not only on a personal basis, but simply from others around me also. I’ve watched people jump into the deep with their eyes closed and their head first, not knowing what’s below them. I’ve watched them be thrown by the current, and I’ve watched them float along their way. No matter their course, it’s always a struggle. The question I find to be most prominent relating to love is: What does it mean and what does it take to keep it alive? You climb up and up and up in love, losing your footing every so often along the way. You grip desperately onto the small jagged ledges that you’re provided once you get to the too-steep top. Then, there’s a choice to be made, whether it’s up to you or not: Stay and enjoy the view, or take that wild step down the whole way. I wish so badly that the people that have made it to the top would stay and enjoy the view, but so often do I watch them leap off that pinnacle and know exactly what’s coming for them at the bottom. They endure the pain as much they can, only to look for a new mountain to restart their trek on. They search far and wide for the perfect first step, and repeat the process until they find a view they like. Sometimes I wonder if the people I know are just thrill seekers, looking for that last jump… Do they really even want to enjoy the view? Is it that meaningful to them? Do they want the view, or just the adventure? I want the view. I want the challenge of finding each and every right step, and I want to make my imprint. I want to leave my mark on the way up, and I want to slip sometimes and I want to be able to catch myself on every convenient ledge that’s supposed to be there for me. And when I get to the top, I want to experience the most beautiful, perfect view. I want to put myself in the moment that I never want to end. I want to see what will captivate me each and every moment for the rest of my life, and know that I will never need to worry about looking down.

One thought on “Love and Parachutes

  1. So beautifully written, a perfectly colorful analogy. From one that too a leap, but now enjoy’s the view every day, you forgot (or maybe yet understand), that those people who enjoy the view, need and must have someone that is there to catch you when you slip. No one can enjoy the view alone!

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