While talking with my roommates about writing and poetry, I decided to look up all of the old things I wrote and shared. So I’m deciding to put them all here, in one solid place. Enjoy my old thoughts and words, and be gentle with your judgments.

Tell me that there’s something more beyond this fading sunset.

Show me a sign, anything. 
Give me hope and give me strength.
Because, despite what you believe, there’s nothing more true, than a lie itself.
A lie is a lie, and as decieving as it may be, can you see truth without them? 
Can you truly learn from what people honestly say?
Lies are what push people forward.
“You did great!”
“You’ll go so far.”
“You’re truly amazing.”
Is that what people really think about you?
You may not know what you’re being told, but it sure moves you farther.
So tell me what a promise is.
Tell me what’s beyond this point.
Because I see nothing more than a dieing light.
Nothing more than slight success. 
Tell me I’m wrong.
Tell me what I see is false.
Tell me that there’s more to life than this, and that I need to wake up.
Darling tell me that there’s something more beyond this fading sunset.

Love is…

What is love? Love is coffee in the morning, sunshine on a bad day, children’s laughter, happily ever afters. Love is unicorns, and rainbows, and fairytales. Love is staying up three hours past your bed time when you were 5, and not getting caught. Love is sunrises on the beach, the meow of a newborn kitten, the smile of the one most important to you. Love is the feeling of family, and friends, and friends who are like family. Love is having goals, dreams. It’s your imaginary friend, and the Barbie’s and action figures you had as a child. It’s your favorite hobby, a newborn baby, a tree perfect for climbing. It’s all the dandelions and daisies we picked as young ones, all happiness and fun. Love is lemonade on a hot summer day, and cuddling by the fire on a chilly autumn night. It’s the feel of the breeze in the spring, and the twinkling lights in the sky. It’s the bravery and confidence you have for yourself, and the admiration you have for others. Love is knowing the real things in life, and knowing they can’t be taken away from you.


Tell her.

 She’s not perfect, she’ll make you mad. She’ll make you the happiest guy in the world. She’ll drive you insane, and make you want to fight. She’ll apologize for being such a burden. She’ll think low of herself and say she’s not good for anybody. She’ll annoy you, and you’ll be mad you can’t get through to her. She’ll love you, and wrap you around her finger. She’ll catch you if you fall, and she’ll answer when you call. She’ll have mood swings and apologize for them later on. She’ll think she’s the least important person in the world, and she’ll want to be out of people’s lives for good. But that’s when you tell her she makes your life perfect, and that she’s amazing. Because it’s true, and secretly, she depends on you to tell her that.

 You love her, you know you do.


1/19/11 10:34 pm

Fool me once, shame on you. 

Fool me twice, shame on me.

Fool me a third time,

well I guess we’re both stupid.

But nobody is inclined to realize that,

Not until after mistakes have been made.


But isn’t that life?

Full of mistakes, incredibility, and idiocy?

Nowadays it’s unavoidable.

But yet, the dreamers,

Searching for a map, a guide, 



X marks the spot.

Winding and weaving

Across uncharted territory,

an unsure, dashed road.

Running to keep up with your surroundings.








All lacking

So many conflicts

Personal battles

What about your fellow commoners,

Led by a corrupt king,

In a kingdom of nothing more than

Cardboard walls and buildings.

Even he, 

even they,

Are more conflicted than you.

Thy neighbor disrespected. 

(side note: ^ favorite line)


Doubtful and unhappy.

Joyful and naive.

Any way the wind blows,

There will always be a boulder,

A wall,




Those who give up never succeed.


Those who turn, with head bent,

Never see the light of day,

Of opportunity,

Of prosperous ideals.


Change is real.

But if you can’t control it, 

You’re stuck in a rut forever.





2/10/10 11:23 pm

And as the world goes still

For yet another slumber

Nature pauses its never ending process

For the glory of the next morn


And I, who’s yet but another soul

Inhabiting the beautiful body

We call Earth

I sit, and watch as She

Keeps the night tranquil, and let my mind wander into the depths of imagination


For the toned sky

And frozen wonderland sleeps,

While the wind blows, til its

Breath is taken by the beauty

Of which we fail to recognize to its

Full potential


Those who don’t take the time to realize,

Simply do not view life to the fullest

And those who do open their minds and souls

Shall see the beautiful wonder

In the dreamy imagination of themselves

And the wonderland awaiting


And so let the wind weave through the maze of tree branches

And let the stars twinkle in the heavens and sky above

Let nature rest for another

Peaceful night

As we stop

Take a breath

And see the beauty in the world around us.


These next few are ones I type set into a picture, so you can just have those.





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