Ambition vs. Motivation

It has been forever since I’ve posted here, I apologize for that. But today, I was thinking of this and thought it would make for a very good post. I realized today that one of the things that draws me to associate with people is the amount of ambition they have. Being a rather ambitious person myself, I like when people dream big or always find something to do when they’re bored. I like people that want to adventure and see different places. I like when people have goals and fully intend to reach them. Spontaneity and ambition I think are two of the best qualities a person can have. 

For me, my list of ambitions and aspirations runs far longer than I can recount. It seems that my dreams are too plentiful to achieve in my lifetime. Not that I intend to let that stop me. But it’s slightly discouraging when you think realistically (or rather pessimistically) that you won’t achieve all that you want to in life. There are so many restrictions and issues that can keep you from doing things like traveling the world and different ambitions of the like, and honestly those can all make you lose your motivation to reach the goals.

I can honestly say that motivation is something I lack for a lot of things. Unfortunately, it’s the motivation for the small things I need to get done in order to reach my bigger goals. Which makes me even more pessimistic because realizing I cannot find the motivation to take the baby steps, I realize that it is more unlikely for me to reach my aspirations. And that might be why a lot of people think we are a lazy generation not going anywhere. It’s not that we don’t want to go anywhere, it’s not necessarily that we are too lazy to reach our goals. It is that the society we live in has provided so many restrictions and limitations for us that it scares and depresses us into believing we will not reach our goals. We are all dreamers. It is just some are more adamant than others.

You can say that I’m unmotivated, and dare to even say that I am lazy. But never think for a second that I am not ambitious.

2 thoughts on “Ambition vs. Motivation

  1. The world does see things in a cynical eye. As the quote from fight club goes, “You must lose everything to gain anything.”. It, in many ways expects us all to fail, and that reminds us that we no longer need care for its opinion, don’t you think?

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