Love, Tumblr, and other (important) BS.

I wish I knew why we, as humans, have such an insatiable craving for love. What is it about our chemical makeup that makes love such a high priority? It has to do with society’s influence as well, I understand that. But it almost seems as though the process of finding that forever mate you’re destined to be with, isn’t worth all of the emotional fighting and disappointment.

I’ve been neglecting writing here because I could never really think of a post-worthy entry. But in the span of time since my last post to now, love has been a major theme in my life, not just with myself. It seems as though I and many others have been on the search, and it’s a re-occurring event that I or someone else experienced emotional turmoil with all of the potential suitors we pursue. Man after man, we get hurt.*

*Understand that this is not a post depreciating men, it is just that the people I know with bad luck in the love department are women.

I came to a realization earlier last week. My priorities need to revolve around me. I need to focus on being happy alone before I try to find happiness with another. I need to stable my emotions so that the next time I get hurt I can pick myself up, tell myself he wasn’t the one, and keep going. The people I’ve dated and have been happy with come into my life as a happening rather than a plan. They come in when the time is right, not when I want them to. And that’s how love works. But my idea of self-appreciation is one I try, and fail, to convince others to follow.

Just as well, I think I’ll try and incorporate the other thought I had earlier today into this post.

Like I had mentioned before about society having a great impact on our view of importance of love, I feel the topic of the “tumblr generation” needs discussed.

Ah yes. The infamous, beautifully depressed, love-hungry, and hipster capital of the internet: Tumblr. Don’t worry, I have a tumblr too. (No you can’t have it.)
Obviously, I’m satiric in my opinion of the blogging platform used by so many in the average age range of 13-26. But I have good reasons. The main one being that everything I said above is true.

Tumblr has impacted our society in the way that our youth now believes that sadness is beautiful no matter which way you look at it, which is endearing but terrible. Open your eyes and understand that if you think sadness is beautiful, happiness must be dazzling. Whatever happened to making light of the situation? Of looking at the bright side? I’ve always thought sparkling smiles were much prettier than sparkling tears.
If you’re sad, you can get help. If you’ve let yourself be sad, you can let yourself be happy. And if you’re sitting there saying “no I can’t, I’ve tried.” Then you need to remember that walking downhill is always a lot easier than walking uphill. Just listen to Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb” if you don’t believe me. (Don’t worry, it’s pre-twerk)

Tumblr also does this thing where it completely reinforces the whole “love-hungry” issue I began this post with. The users find these great quotes about what kind of love you deserve, and they read them over and over again and photoshop them over pictures of flowers and mountains, and then they write their own beautiful poetry. I will admit, I do enjoy the quotes and poetry, but it’ll make me forget my promise to myself of being happy alone. It’s also why I can’t convince a damn soul to live for their selves. But whatever, I’m not bitter.

I’m not even going to get into the hipster influence of tumblr. It’s just another trend. But stop with the flower crowns, for the love of god.

Now that I’ve probably beaten down on tumblr enough to make myself look like a huge hypocrite to anybody who does follow my tumblr, let me sum this up with a really important idea that I hope takes precedence in your mind.

The tumblr generation is so, so important. In a world that lacks substance, with people who won’t let you see beneath their tough layer of skin so malleable (spell check?) that it fits to whatever social mold comes up in discussion, the youths of the tumblr generation possess (SPELL CHECK!?) such raw, uninhibited emotion. They know how to feel and understand those around them. These are the people that will rid this world of most of its ignorance.

We may be glued to our computers and phones, which I will discuss in a later post, but you must understand that we take in much, much more than you think. You’re not leaving this world to a dependent generation. You’re leaving this world to a generation that will know how to survive and look out for each other. We will change this world.


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