Slight Heights is getting revamped!

What started in my freshman year of college as a way to let my thoughts out and practice my writing has become the one project in my life I am most proud of. Writing is the one constant in my life that helps me through troubles and helps me grow as a person, and I thank all that have followed this blog for so long, reading the concepts that stem from my mind to this site for the world to see. But there’s something from this blog that is not only missing, but that isn’t giving this site the full credit it can have.

For the same number of years, I have been writing journalistic articles for different publications (i.e. Her Campus, CinemaStilo, and The Odyssey) and through these experiences I have learned my love of journalism. While writing for The Odyssey – my most recent endeavor – I came up with so many ideas for articles and really began to work hard as a journalist. Unfortunately, because of many different conflicts, I had to leave the team of The Odyssey. And because of this, I did not finish/even start many of the wonderful articles I had in mind.

So this brings me back to Slight Heights. I plan to keep writing my articles, and use this website as a platform to display my work. This is a website I show many people, including potential employers, and I want it to be a perfect online embodiment of my passion for writing. I will continue to write my concept pieces and share my random late night thoughts, but now you will be able to learn with me the things I plan to write my articles on. I hope you all stay with me, and I welcome any and all feedback for what’s to come!

If you’d like to read any of my previous articles on any of the other websites, here are some links to the best ones:

HONY’s Impact on the World
Ohio Flea Market Allows Neglectful Selling of Animals
Anti-Rape Wear: Exciting or Disappointing?
What is Going on in Ukraine?


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